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vacsyZepter knows a secret of healthy nourishment and a proper food storing. Our expert team uses the newest scientific achievements of dieting and vacuum technology. Zepter has created the unique vacSy, a complete system for preserving food in special containers as well as in plastic bags.

VacSy drink stoppersStorage in vacuum is the best way of food preservation. VacSy preserves vitamins and your food's nutritional value. It keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer than what we are used to, without the change or loss of food organoleptic properties. Color, flavor, consistency and minerals do not change when food is stored under vacuum conditions.

VacSy containerIn addition, VacSy also makes quality kitchen accessories such as graters, slicers, shredders, peelers, cutlery holders and juicers.

vacsy vacuum systemOxygen is vital for most forms of life. Unfortunately, it causes foodstuffs containing fat to go rancid, removes vitamins, facilitates fermentation, causing unpleasant odors and flavors, resulting in a complete degradation of foodstuffs.By preventing air from coming into direct contact with it, VacSy keeps your food fresh for much longer periods of time.VacSy can be used to store fresh meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit and more. It's also great for pre-cooked dishes.

VacSy line consists of a vacuum pump and a variety of containers and accessories for hermetic sealing.

In addition all of the above, VacSy is very easy to use.

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