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Ultimate Resistant Application (URA) Technology
by Zepter

Zepter has developed a solution that gives you a safe non-stick surface that is durable and delivers great results in the kitchen, URA Technology

* Better non-stick cooking results
* The pots last a lifetime and do not damage with proper use
* The finish is part of the cookware, no coating is applied
* Durable
* Safe
* No chemicals on the surface
* Non-scratch surface
* Absolute corrosion resistance

Zepter URA pansDiscover URA Technology

A new non-stick technique that delivers great results, without compromising your health and nutritious value of the food you eat.
With this new breakthrough, Zepter International brings you a state-of-the-art electromechanical innovation in stainless steel pot manufacturing.


URA Technology is a chemical procedure that enhances the concentration of chrome (Cr) on the surface of the bottom of the pan. As you know stainless steel AISI 304 is made up of steel and a large percentage of (Cr) chrome and Nickel (Ni). Exactly 18% Chrome and 10% Nickel. With URA Technology the Cr content in the first 0.5-1 micron of the surface is nearly doubled, which results in the non-stick property of the cooking vessel.

How is it made?

URA Technology alters the surface structure on an atomic level
According to the international norm DIN 8590, URA Technology is a surface finishing process, which removes material by electrical current. In short, it can be considered the opposite to electroplating. While the item to be treated is immersed in an electrolytic solution such as anode, the electric current removes part of the surface (usually about 0.5 – 1 microns) lowering roughness and thus obtaining a smoother and brighter surface, improving its corrosion resistance and adding an anti-adhesive property. Iron and nickel atoms are extracted from the crystalline net more easily than chromium ones; thus, chromium oxide, corrosion-resistant film remains on the surface.

URA Technology delivers the following benefits:

* Tension-free
* Micro-inclusions free
* Micro-slavers free (coating does not detach)
* Easily cleaned
* Low-friction
* Brighter and more reflective of light

With URA Technology, you will experience only the best in non-stick cooking

URA Technology surface has a sleek, oily feel to it that offers these non-stick properties. It effectively protects the cookware from food sticking to it, giving better cooking results, without being easily damaged.

New shape and design

Thanks to their revised shape and design, Zepter frying pans with URA technology are more efficient, allowing you to grill without fat and roast without oil. Their enlarged volumes let you cook more food and always with the best Zepter-quality, non-stick, healthy outcomes.

Enjoy chemical-free cooking!

Try this revolutionary new invention and enjoy healthy cooking in Zepter stainless steel pots and pans without the bother of food sticking to their surface. Just try it and see how good your food will taste and how easy it is to clean your enhanced Zepter Cookware!

More information on URA Technology by Zepter

URA technology

Other Benefits of Zepter Cookware at a Glance:

- Stackable, versatile design (save space, save time, energy use)

- Accuthermal bottom, hermetically sealing lid (even heat distribution, uniform temperature)

- Material: CrNi 18/10, high-quality stainless steel, does not react with your food, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and maintain

- Ability to cook without salt, oil, or water (preserve vitamins, minerals, natural flavors)

- Ability to cook at under 100 C (many essential nutrients break down at water's boiling point)

- Lifetime guarantee on any steel manufacturing defects

- Various products compatible with induction cooking (consult with your Agent)


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Last Update: 11/26/2010

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