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Weight Loss Opportunity (Special Feature by MyZepter.com)

Zepter Masterpiece Cookware at a glance:

- Stackable, versatile (save space, save time)

- Accuthermal bottom, hermetically-sealing lid (even heat distribution, uniform temperature)

- Material: CrNi 18/10, surgical steel, high chemical neutrality, does not react with your food, does not corrode, easy to clean

- Ability to cook without salt, oil, or water (preserve vitamins, minerals, natural flavors)

- Ability to cook at under 100 C (many essential nutrients break down at water's boiling point)

- Lifetime guarantee on steel manufacturing defects

Recently, I received an email from a potential customer who inquired into the healthy qualities of Zepter Cookware. This prompted me to amend this page, copying my response directly for those who may have similar questions about what it is exactly that makes Zepter Cookware the best cookware in the world. I believe that others may benefit from reading my response.

waterless cookingDear ZEPTER CUSTOMER (name omitted for privacy reasons),

You are absolutely correct in your assumptions. We are always happy to enlighten interested customers about the great qualities of the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware and explain exactly why Zepter has been a worldwide leader in the highest quality of kitchenware for over 20 years. Unfortunately, personalized presentations are more difficult and less cost-effective to conduct in the U.S. as opposed to many countries in the European Union, which is why we resort to the internet as our primary means of outreach. All Zepter kitchenware is made of surgical steel (CrNi 18/10, corrosion-resistant, neutral to odors and flavors). The bottom of the pots is extra thick, which allows for even heat distribution (The Accutherm-Compact-Capsule bottom provides savings in broiling-time and energy consumed). The Zepter Cooking system allows for waterless cooking, preserving the vital nutritional balance in the food you prepare and eat. Many of the modern diseases are caused precisely by an improper diet. Because sufficient amount of water is already present in most produce, steam circulation allows you to cook products in their own juices. The water-soluble vitamins are preserved to a much greater extent than with regular cookware; the foods' own minerals don't get soaked out so there is no need for salt either. With the Zepter Cooking System you can give up fat in broiling entirely without losing lavor. When broiling without fat, the meat stews in its own juices, resulting in less calories and more flavor. This is just a brief outline of all the possible benefits offered by Zepter.

As long as you do not use abrasive scrubbing sponges on the outside of the pans, they will maintain their shine. Having purchased the Imperial Cookware Set 11 years ago, I do not see any difference in the apperance of my cookware and that of the new sets that my customers purchase. Using a soft sponge or cloth to wipe off the outside should be sufficient to clean our pots and pans (dishwasher works just as well). Cleaning Zepter is significantly easier than cleaning conventional cookware, even if you end up overcooking or burning meat (which should not happen at all as long as you follow Zepter cooking instructions and use the Thermocontroller Lid to know exactly when your food is ready). If you are interested, we also provide a cleaning solution specifically designed for Zepter Cookware, at $6/bottle. Our cookware is also dishwasher safe. Zepter's exclusive design is timeless and is unmatched in its elegance and perfection. Remember, there is a reason we are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all steel parts of our cookware, provided proper usage. Very few people ever have to call in their Warranty precisely because Zepter Masterpiece Cookware is made of the Highest Quality of material that is virtually indestructible, and is produced under the stricktest manufacturing standards at our seven factories in Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. And of course, if you experience any problems with your cookware or have any questions regarding proper usage, as your Zepter Representative, I am always here to assist you with any inquiries.

We understand that the prices of our larger Masterpiece Cookware Sets may be somewhat of a burden for some individuals, but if you are interested in what you have learned about these products here, you should consider a potential investment in one of the sets described on our website. Remeber, we offer a 15% discount through the end of August, 2006. A complete set allows you to better utilize all of the qualities of Zepter Cookware. Also, if you have any friends or relatives who you think might benefit from using our products, we would greatly appreciate a referral. If you are our customer and your referrals result in sales, you are eligible to receive a Zepter gift or souvenir such as a tray or a sugar holder for introducing more people to the Zepter World (one gift for every successful referral). Because of the unique qualities of our products, we cannot sell our cookware at regular stores or retail outlets. Consequently, word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers is our most powerful advertisement engine. An easy-to-use referral form is available on our website for your convenience. Perhaps our products are not made for everyone, but we have never tried to compete on price either. We have been successful for decades because our customers value their health and the health of those closest to them, and we take pride in working with such individuals because they share our values and the values that support the foundation of our entire corporation. While some people on this earth remain health-conscious, we will have their business, and our mission will be fulfilled. It is up to you to establish your own priorities and see where the health, well-being, and a longer, happier life rank for you.

I hope that what you have learned here is helpful, and I thank you for taking the time to learn more about Zepter products. I wish you and your close ones health and longevity!

Zepter International (USA) Inc. - Michigan Division Representatives
Zepter - Striving for a Longer Life

Zepter is not just a set of pretty-looking pots and pans, although the innovative and elegant design is certainly one of the features we are very proud of. Zepter Cooking System transcends conventional kitchen wisdom by employing the best engineers in Europe to bring you an inspired revolutionary solution to cookware. Perhaps it sounds like a lofty goal, but our objective is precisely that - to change the way you think about cooking, to inform you about all the ways in which you are endangering your health on a daily basis by improperly preparing your food, and to offer you a simple but innovative solution!

Zepter Michigan

This page may contain the most important information on the website, and we would like you to read it before looking at any Zepter products presented here. What you are about to read will explain the health problems that have resulted from conventional cooking methods. It will convince you that you have been doing the wrong thing your whole life by boiling vegetables in water and frying steak in oil. You will be surprised to learn about the harmful consequences of bad cooking practices. Lastly, you will be inspired by Zepter's innovative ideas that have brought health happiness to the homes its many customers, with many more to come. Zepter's innovations have always been motivated by the wish to preserve health and prolong lives of its customers.

healthy cookwareIn today's society people are often mentioning the problems of health, food, and obesity. It seems that our health-awareness has increased dramatically over the last few years. More people are going on vegetarian diets, and many are trying to avoid fast-food more. All these seem to be good, progressive ideas that should eventually benefit society as a whole, yet in our homes we still cook using old methods, we use too much fat, boil food in water, disregarding the loss of important vitamins and proteins in the process.

Zepter International recognized these problems, and decided to revolutionize food preparation by introducing a brand new way of preparing food, allowing people to lead healthier, longer lives.

cookwareThe Zepter Cooking System is concerned with cooking, and therefore eating properly. A healthy, valuable diet can optimally affect our organism only if it covers all meals. The Zepter Cooking System is the modern and intelligent solution. On top of that, it saves time and energy, making food preparation easier and worry-free.

The vitamin C content of a potato, for instance, if cooked in water, is reduced by 60-80%. It doesn't have to be this way!

The System works without water. This is possible because a sufficient amount of water is already contained in most produce. Through heating, condensation, steam undergoes a circulation process, during which the produce is prepared. This way, the delicate water-soluble vitamins are preserved to a great extent. There is no need for adding salt since the foods' own minerals no longer get soaked out. Even when various vegetables are cooked in the same container, each will keep its own flavor, aroma and color.

zepter healthZepter means broiling without oil, cooking without fat. When broiling without fat, the meat stews in its own juices. The meat tastes better, stays tender and juicy and still gets deliciously crisp. Result: Less calories and more flavor.


So how are we able to keep these wonderful promises? Answer: Modern European Engineering. Who would have ever thought that cookware-manufacturing would someday become a science? We did. The following are just SOME of the features that separates Zepter cookware from traditional and immitation products:

zepter system- Chemical Neutrality: The material CrNi 18/10 is very durable and chemically stable. Unlike most of the cookware in your home, Zepter will not react with the food you prepare in it. By using conventional cooking accessories, you are slowly poisoning your body with the very metals you use in the cooking process.
- Accuthermal Bottom: Zepter Cookware absorbs heat faster and retains it longer than any convenetional cookware. The main reason for that is the 1cm thick accuthermal bottom. For many dishes, all you really need to do is let the cookware heat up at medium heat, fill it with the produce you would like to prepare, and turn off the heat until the food is ready! Now you can save time without having to worry about when your food is going to be ready! Another great benefit of this method of cooking is that under these conditions, you do not need to overheat the produce, which prevents enzymes in your food from denaturing, saves vitamins and minerals.
- Uniform Design with You in Mind: The cookware diameters are compatible with one another, which allows you to save space and time by cooking several dishes at the same time using the multi-level stacking system engineered by Zepter.

Waterless cooking helps the food maintain its nutritional balance, and oil-less cooking prevents dangerous fats from slowly poisoning your body. You can do both with Zepter!

Lastly, we would again like to emphasize that Zepter Cookware is virtually indestructible, which is the reason we are able to provide all our customers with a Lifetime Warranty on all steel parts. Zepter is easy to use, clean, and it is of course dishwasher safe.

Zepter Cookware is not sold in stores. This should not come as a surprise. Afterall, when you are trying to change the way people look at food, no matter how beneficial your ideas are, they may seem a bit radical to some people. This is why Zepter International prides itself with our unmatched customer interaction. Customer satisfaction is maintained through personal contact and free advice before and after the purchase. Zepter Cookware may not be purchased without having attended a presentation by a professional Zepter International Consultant, explaining the Zepter System of food preparation and teaching the proper methods of cooking with Zepter Cookware. If you are interested in participating in a Zepter presentation, click here.

How You can stay healthy with Zepter:

1. Cook healthy, better-tasting food by preserving its natural vitamins and minerals.

2. Avoid using oil and fats in food preparation.

3. Control your weight without resorting to chemical drugs or special diets.

Zepter wishes you a long and healthy life!
Vitality and Quality of Life are the Goals of Zepter!


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Contact a Zepter International (USA) Inc. Michigan Division Representative if you are interested in learning more about our products and the health benefits you can enjoy by using them. We are always glad to hear from you!

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