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Aqua Jebbo is the newest innovation from the leader in advancement of a healthy lifestyle, Zepter International. It is a multipurpose disinfecting device. Natural and powerful, this steam machine dissolves dirt and dust, killing microscopic organisms known to cause allergies and asthma.

Microscopic Ticks such as this live in your carpets  and other places around the houseMillions of microscopic dust mites live right in your bed. Studies have shown that just one gram of dust can have thousands of these tiny monsters living and breeding in it. Your bed, your carpet, clothes, any place at all where dust is present, you are probably in direct contact with these organisms. Why do you care? Because these mites exacerbate allergies and even cause asthma. These effects are even stronger on children!

Thanks to Zepter International, and their newest innovation in clean, healthy living, called Aqua Jebbo, we now have a tool to effectively deal with this danger to our health. Using the natural power of steam, we can go anywhere dust mites can go and destroy them, making our home our own again!

All forms of water are essential to life: Ice preserves, liquid water gives life, steam purifies. Through research, Zepter International found that steam can solve many of our hygienic problems. It disinfects and kills microscopic organisms by dissolving both organic and inorganic material. The Aqua Jebbo system uses pressurized steam to penetrate into tiny cracks, corners, and deep into your carpet to dissolve dirt and grime.

The use of chemicals and detergents, while somewhat effective against these pests, also damages our environment and can have harmful long-term effects on our health. Steam, on the other hand, is a natural and more effective way of tackling this important problem. Aqua Jebbo's compact, easy-to-use design, as opposed to time consuming, expensive detergents will save you time, money, and health in the long run. We worked hard to make this product ideal for any household.

Make smart, health-minded decisions. Take charge and make your home safe for your family!

Aqua Jebbo Appliances - All you need to keep your home clean and healthy!

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