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The best deal of 2016. Unique opportunity to seize promotional value on the best available cookware on the Market, made from a recently introduced advanced stainless steel Z-316 and renovated Italian design.

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Please contact your official Zepter representative by email Zepter.Michigan@gmail.com or phone, or text 248-935-3257

How do you prefer to cook and what would you rather eat?

Traditional Cooking Methods
Revolutionary Zepter Way of Food Preparation

Cooked Meat in regular pan

Cooked Meat in Zepter

zepter cookware

Boiled Vegetables in regular cookware

Cooked Vegetables in Zepter

healthy cooking

Possible Result:

Possibilities with Zepter:


Make your own choice now!

cooking dishes
Your possible romantic dinner with Zepter tonight!

zepter set

Save money on visits to the doctor!
Forget about heartburn!
Alleviate allergies!
Enjoy food without overeating!
Get rid of unpleasant kitchen odors!
Grill at home without using the oven! How does it work? Use the Zepter way!

As you browse these pages, you will discover that we have not included any prices on our website. That is because since the beginning of Zepter International, Zepter always cared about quality, and never cared to be the cheapest. We chose to pursue unique technology and exclusive quality with our Cookware, and complete customer satisfaction. As a result, today Zepter achieved the highest quality of healthy cookware, among other revolutionary home care and kitchen products.

We must warn you that these products are not for everyone. They are specifically directed at people who sincerely care about good health, quality, active life, and who desire to be a leader. These people value their time because they use it effectively. This is why Zepter products are recognized around the world by celebrities, politicians, famous athletes, and caring families.

A price tag cannot explain all the qualities of a product. You cannot compare our product by price. In doing so you will be missing the whole point of Zepter ideology. Pay attetion to details. If you value family, time, health, and fine quality, you will have a wonderful time exploring the Zepter World!

Uniqueness of our product
Zepter technology allows you to cook meat without oil and boil vegetables without water. You can prepare any dish by using Zepter Masterpiece Cookware, which will allow you to save healthy vitamins and minerals. Your food will be more healthy and taste better!

Various companies try to mimic some of the qualities of Zepter, but 100% effect can only be achieved with Zepter Masterpiece Cookware. Zepter is recognized as the undisputed worldwide leader for more than 10 years! More than 10 years our prices have been stable!

The goal of Zepter Independent Consultants is to help customers make the best choice when selecting a cookware set so they can better use the unique qualities of preparing healthy and delicious food.

Exclusiveness of Zepter products
The way that Zepter Masterpiece Cookware is distributed to people around the globe is through personal presentations held at the customer's home at their convenience. Zepter International is one of a very small number of companies that prize interaction with the customer and customer satisfaction above everything else. We are not simply concerned with selling our products. Our biggest goal is to help the customer use this product wisely and effectively!

Zepter Quality

Zepter - Striving for a Longer Life!

Zepter Michigan is an official representative of Zepter International USA. We are not distributors. We comply with the company policy and provide a full range of services and guarantees for our clients.


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Instructions for clients OUTSIDE of U.S.

Rrefer to official Zepter International Inc. website ZEPTER.COM for international contacts. By company policy, U.S.-based representatives MAY NOT process international orders or ship products outside of the United States.

Last Update: 9/16/2016

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