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Some Zepter Michigan customers are eligible to receive presents from the following collection.

There are several ways to qualify for receiving Zepter gifts. First of all, you can obtain gifts for purchasing Zepter products and cookware sets. In addition, current customers can receive gifts for every new customer you refer to Zepter Michigan. There is no limit on how many gifts a customer can receive for referrals.

Direct inquiries on how to obtain these or other Zepter Gift items for customers to:


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Below is an overview of some currently available gift items. Contact us for additional information about specific items, and eligibility.

bottle opener
You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you use this Zepter bottle opener. Not only can you open bottles, but cans of juices, oil, and the like. Opening vacuum-sealed jars is also quite simple with this useful tool!
zepter clock

Zepter Round Wall Clock features a modern design, and with its plastic dial cover, is very easy to maintain, and a pleasure to look at.

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manicure set

This Classic Manicure Set consists of what you need for complete nail care, including scissors, tweezers, and a nail file.

Made in Germany.

napkin holder

Superb shape and design will catch the eye of even the most discerning guests at your table during a meal.

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cheese grater
An integral part of every modern kitchen, the grater has two different blades for grating and slicing cheeses, fruit, and vegetables.
lasagna dish

An attractive and highly versatile kitchen accessory, this lasagna dish from Zepter can be used for baking lasagna, and roasing other oven cooked meals.

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astra sugar bowl
This elegant sugar bowl set, complete with saucer and spoon, will complement your tea or coffee drinking experience well make it that much more enjoyable.
zepter espresso maker

A beautifully-designed appliance for making two cups of espresso coffee.

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astra cup
The double-walled construction of this espresso coffee cup from our Astra line, keeps your beverage hot. This Zepter gift comes complete with a saucer and teaspoon, also, to complete your experience.
salt pepper

The lovely combination of mahogany and polished stainless steel is set off to perfection in this set of condiment container. Pepper mill and salt cellar are a great delight to have at every table.

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ice tongs

A couple of ice cubes can make all the difference in the world. This Zepter high-quality ice bucket comes with easy-to-use tongs for true icy perfection.


Corkscrew and nutcracker set is one of our most popular and tasteful gifts. Wine bottles opened with ease, and walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds are no longer a problem with this set present at your dining table.

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pro knife set

Zepter Gift Trays Collection


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zepter tongs

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VacSy Gift Collection

The VacSy Potato Peeler is a universal plastic peeler with a stainless steel blade.

oil jar

The handy oil and vinegar container (can store both simultaneously), is a practical addition to any kitchen outfit. The unit is very easy to clean and can be used for storing any other liquid food.

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juicer ice grater

The Roto Squeezer and Ice Grater helps prepare delicious freshly squeezed fruit juice, and crush into chips for cooling food and drinks.

vacsy bag

VacSy offers a large, practical bag, which opens on three sides, and has a strong zip fastener of waterproof nylon, with easy to grasp looping handles, too.

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vacsy mixer

VacSy Revolving Mixer allows for two different mixing speeds to suit your needs.

meat mincer

VacSy Meat Mincer is made of food-safe plastic, with tempered stainless steel discs and knife. The mincer has a practical suction cap bottom for securing to kitchen surfaces during use.

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vacsy grater

VacSy's food-safe grater is made of non-toxic polypropylene with two nylon rollers, 18/c tainless steel graters, and a rubber suction plate with nylon working parts. Great for grating cheeses, dry bread, chocolate, almonds, apples, as well as carrots, onions, apples, celery, potatoes.

tomato press

The tomato press can pulp most cooked fruit and vegetables. It can process up to 50 kg of tomatoes per hour, separating skin from flesh. The unit is dishwasher-safe, and made of polypropylene. The roller and handle are made of non-toxic, food-safe nylon material.

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