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Color Therapy
*not a licensed/certified medical device in USA
*Now available for BOTH Compact III AND Bioptron PRO 1 models!

Chakra Stimulation and Bioinformation Healing (NEW RESOURCE)

color therapy kitBioptron Color Therapy is a set of lens filter add-ons for the Bioptron Compact III and Bioptron Pro 1 units that may be purchased separately for use with the lamps.

Using the six colors of the visible light spectrum, Bioptron Color Therapy helps to balance and enhance our body's energy centers to maintain a more youthful appearance and energize your body. By stimulating these vital points, Color Therapy repairs imbalances in energy flow across your body, to restore more optimal functioning to the human system.

bioptron pro 1

Consider the use of Color Therapy prior to your Yoga or Meditation routines, specifically, in applying the Bioptron light to the chakras of the body.

chakra energy
wikipedia article on chromotherapy

Color Therapy by Bioptron helps to regulate metabolism, replenish energy reserves, and maintain general well-being and a feeling of freshness and wellness throughout.

color therapy lenses

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