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Zepter Masterpiece Cookware at a glance:

- Stackable, versatile (save space, save time)

- Accuthermal bottom, hermetically-sealing lid (even heat distribution, uniform temperature)

- Material: CrNi 18/10, surgical steel, high chemical neutrality, does not react with your food, does not corrode, easy to clean

- Ability to cook without salt, oil, or water (preserve vitamins, minerals, natural flavors)

- Ability to cook at under 100 C (many essential nutrients break down at water's boiling point)

- Lifetime guarantee on steel manufacturing defects

thermocontrollerZepter has developed a revolutionary cooking system, and our focus is Your health. 70% of all "prosperity-diseases" are caused by an inadequate diet! Zepter Cooking System preserves vitamins and proteins in your food. This maintains an important nutritious balance so you can eat healthy and live longer. Additionally, Zepter Cooking System makes your food preparation quicker and easier.

cookwareZepter Cooking System allows you to cook without water. This preserves the natural flavor of your vegetables. The food is cooked "in its own steam" because a sufficient amount of water is already contained in most produce. You will not need to add cooking oil either.

cookwareZepter is the solution to fat. With Zepter, you can get rid of fat without losing the flavor. Your meat will taste better, and stay tender and juicy, while still being deliciously crisp.

Every Zepter pot is made of the precious metal CrNi 18/10. The surface is hardwearing, easy to clean and hygienic. No evaporation, no unpleasant kitchen odors, and the precious nutrients cannot escape.

With Zepter Cooking System, you will be able to save lots of time and money. You will spend less on oil, electricity and gas, and even your food.

zepter cookware

Zepter's unique Thermocontroller technology allows you to closely monitor the temperature inside your Zepter cookware. You will know exactly when to turn off the heat, preventing overheating and saving time and money.


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