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Cosmetic Light Therapy System by Zepter Group
*not a licensed/certified medical device in USA

Chakra Stimulation and Bioinformation Healing (NEW RESOURCE)

bioptron compact 3Bioptron is one of Zepter's most revolutionary innovations. The Bioptron System is the product of the newest advancements in the field of light cosmetology. Bioptron Light contains a wide range of radiation, including visible light and partially infrared rays, while excluding harmful Ultraviolet (UV) light.

Bioptron light transports color and other information spectra into the depths of the tissue. By using Bioptron lights on your face and other parts of your body, your skin will feel softer and smoother than before.

It has long been well established that light can have positive effects on our skin and general well-being. Just as plant photosynthesis is stimulated by light, your skin likewise reacts positively to various light wavelengths. However, exposure to the sun's ultraviolet light can damage the skin, especially with the constantly thinning ozone layer. Bioptron's spectral distribution contains none of these harmful rays!

Bioptron was created with the goal of eliminating all harmful effects of light exposure, while emphasizing the beneficial qualities of light and its natural biological properties.

We are all accustomed to watching our skin look older with age. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, the skin begins sagging, usually becomes drier and often appears dull in texture. From around the late 20s, our bodies begin a slow, but inevitable process of degeneration. Activity levels in the skin at cellular level begin to decrease, causing under-production of vital proteins, such as collagen and elastin. As we approach our 50s, the production of elastic material ceases completely. Insufficient oxygen flow, vitamins and minerals necessary for cells to combat the aging process all add to the problem.

The Bioptron cosmetic light treatment system, a revolutionary skin care device for your daily beauty care has now been introduced to the US market from Europe. As more and more people begin to realize the undeniable benefits of natural light treatment, Bioptron products are quickly becoming available at cosmetic clinics, sports centers, and beauty salons all around the world.

Bioptron Compact III

The Bioptron Compact III can be used as either a hand-held, or a fixed-position device. The unit utilizes visible incoherent polarized light of specific wavelength and power intensity. The smallest of our available models, Bioptron Compact III was developed with the goal of introducing the healing power of light into every household.

Small and affordable, this device is a convenient must-have for any health-minded family.

Your skin will exude a glowing radiance, feel smoother and look healthier after the application of Bioptron light. Bioptron is a perfect natural solution to preserve your youthful beauty for years to come!

Bioptron Cosmetic Light Treatment System Kit includes the following:

- Bioptron Compact III Lamp
- 3-legged stand for stationary positioning
- Oxy-Spray: oxygen-enriched water for pre-treatment cleansing of skin
bioptron iii with stand- Plastic Case for storage and safe, easy carrying

Technical Specifications:

Filter Diameter: 4 cm
Weight, excluding tripod: .5 kg
Emitted Light Wavelength: 480-3400 nm


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