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Health. Beauty. Longevity. The core principles of the Zepter philosophy are timeless, shared and treasured by all people on earth.

Zepter WomanEach Zepter Group product, when stands alone, already represents years of forward-looking research and development, coupled with elegance, style, and state of the art European manufacturing to complement and enhance your home and daily living both functionally and aesthetically. Putting these different elements together, offers us a comprehensive Lifestyle system, designed to help our clients take advantage of the most natural way to look, feel, and BE well at an any age, any stage in your life and your development.

The line-up of Zepter Group products, ALL of these elements brought together, offer our clients the complete anti-aging concept to help achieve a more energetic, healthier, and happier you, for decades to come.

“NATURE is no longer NATURAL”

It is no longer possible to use traditional cooking methods to achieve a well-balanced nutritional diet. It is not possible to breathe in the air, drink the water, and know that you are taking in the elements as nature intended. The pace of development and introduction of traditional medicines and treatments is being overtaken by the rate of new pollutants and other risk factors being introduced into our environment. The Zepter approach encourages our clients to seek to prevent problems before they occur, instead of trying to treat symptoms later.

The Zepter Concept

Zepter Masterpiece Cookware1) The 18/10 CrNi Masterpiece Cookware, our flagship line of products, offers a system of food preparation without the addition of salt, oils, fats, or extra H2O, preserving the nutritional value of the groceries you purchase to a far greater extent through the cooking process than does conventional cookware and traditional cooking methods most commonly used. Zepter Cookware offers you an opportunity to save by purchasing fewer groceries when you shop, save on energy use, and help preserve your two most valuable resources, your health and time, by simplifying the food preparation process down to its core essentials, while maximizing the nutritional value of food that you eventually consume.

2) VacSy vacuum food storage system is a leading food preservation system available on the market. Vacuum sealing glass and composite containers prevent bacteria from spreading in your food before and after the cooking process, making conventional food preservations methods such as the addition of sugar, vinegar, and other traditional preservatives, counterproductive and obsolete. VacSy storage is the most natural way to keep produce fresh, maximize the nutritional value of your products, and keep your finished meals good for far longer than is possible without VacSy.

3) State of the art air (Therapy Air) and water (Aqueena) purifying and filtration systems by Zepter help protect your home and work environment from dangerous pollutants and other harmful elements that impair your health and speed up the aging process. Killing viruses and bacteria at home and work, Therapy Air is the most innovative air sterilizer available. Aqueena boasts a total of four filters, including the innovative reverse osmosis membrane to filter tap water even at the molecular level, removing all harmful compounds from the water that you drink.

Bioptron Pro 14) Bioptron Light Therapy Systems harness the power of the sun for cosmetic beauty treatment, to help keep your skin healthy and looking great through all stages of life. Polarized, low-energy light, without the harmful Ultraviolet spectra, pass on to your body the energy of the sun like nature intended, improving microcirculation and harmonizing your metabolic processes. Widely used in medical clinics around the world, Bioptron is reputed to possess healing qualities, and is used for medicinal purposes in Europe as well as other places abroad.

5) Zepter Cosmetics brands of Swissological, Philip for Men, La Danza, and Swiss Nature, are the capstone element in the Zepter anti-aging program. Based on the extract of the Echinacea plant, Zepter Cosmetics can help heal, purify, and regenerate skin tissue, stimulating cell activity, moisturizing and soothing your skin, while strengthening its natural defense mechanisms also.

Not merely a collection of products, but one comprehensive system supported by timeless principles and values, on which your health, beauty, and longevity all depend on. Zepter Mission is YOUR mission: Striving for a Longer, Healthier, and Happier Life!

1) Harness the benefits of the Zepter Anti-Aging Method.

2) Foster the principles of a Longer, Healthier, and Happier Life in your own family.

3) Pass on the gift of healthy living to your children, neighbors, friends, and impart Zepter ideals to generations yet to come!

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