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therapy air at homeIn Your Home

Therapy Air is an irreplaceable part of every home. Many of the causes of headaches and fatigue experienced by people worldwide can be traced to their breathing and the quality of air they take in.

Our air is now more than ever filled with toxins and harmful chemicals. Do not let your children grow up in an atmosphere with traces of these poisonous elements floating all over your home. Make sure that your loved ones are protected from these health risks at least in the comfort of your home.

pets and dustFurthermore, Therapy Air is perfect if you have pets. Their daily activities are a constant source of unpleasant odors and potentially harmful causes of allergies and asthma.

At Work

Many places of work have poor air quality due to inadequate air management and filtration systems. Set up Therapy Air by your desk and make sure that your health is protected wherever and whenever possible. By purifying the air that you breathe, you can increase your own strength and energy; your concentration and mental performance will also improve.

therapy air at workPart of your daily living

You can choose to bring your Therapy Air unit to the gym, to your favorite restaurant, perhaps even to the theater... anywhere you feel the air quality may be questionable.

The unit is light and easily movable. Do not be passive about your health.

Take charge and purify the world you live in!

therapy air

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