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Therapy Air
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The Solution: Therapy Air Filtration System
How it works and how you stand to benefit from it.

Therapy Air removes air pollution, destroys harmful micro-organism in the environment, kills bacteria and viruses, and uses Aromatherapy to give your purified air a fresh and natural scent.

Zepter designed Therapy Air to tackle all of the problems we discussed thus far. It can achieve such great efficiency through a multi-step filtration process described below.


Microparticles as small as dust and pollen are trapped by Therapy Air's Microfilter. This minimizes the effects of asthma and helps alleviate allergies. Block bacteria and germs from entering your body with the Therapy Air system.therapy


One of the most unique advantages offered by Therapy Air is that it uses controlled ozone production to purify your air. Ozone is an oxidizer, which destroys bacteria, viruses, other biological toxins, as well as chemical pollutants. The Hydroxil Radical created by the breakdown of ozone combines with various harmful compounds to render them harmless and protect our health. Ozone is a natural way to purify your living environment. Ozone is then effectively removed from the filtered air before it leaves the filter.


Of course you know that various scents may affect the way we feel. The sense of smell, unlike our other four senses is directly connected to our limbic system, which helps us think and learn, as well as produce emotions. Thus, it should not be a surprise that scents have such a tremendous effect on the way we feel.

Swissological Aromatherapy gels may be used with your Therapy Air system to enrich the filtered air with soothing and revitalizing scents. The three gels "Relax", "Energy", and "Happiness" all have different properties which will positively stimulate your olfactory sense and help Therapy Air improve your emotional as well as physical well-being!

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